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The End of the European Dream (Jungle – Calais / France)

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Again in the Jungle in Calais

(O / jhb) While the British sit back in their homemade proposed referendum result on (still) United Kingdoms membership in the European Union disaster, UKIP’ s Nigel Paul Farage found his way into the German Embassy in London lately.Oh, it was pivate. Yes, certainly it was.

Nigel Farage, an ex-associate of Refco does not care a lot about solving a problem, just to find the right time of leaving. As in Refco and other situations, Farage was indeed smart enough to jump off the train in very last minute. He promised in the Anti EU poll a lot to the public, which was wrong and led Britain in the biggest problem since WWII. Britain lost Europe- not Europe Britain.

In the end, the refugeecrises is homemade either. The end of the colonial policy of UK in Africa is one of the reasons for “sad human harvest” in the shores of France, intended walls in Calais tunnel will certainly not help to keep the problem offshore.

The ruling Torries never cared about the life of refugees in the Jungle in Calais. One knew this since long time ago.
The tent-city “Jungle” developed on the Channel of Dover to a bone of contention in Europe. This extreme rookery in the heart of the geographical Europe served it’s purpose to discourage anyone to join the fleed-run to Britain.

Even the French played good games to shock the people off. Now, after 18 month of complete dissolution, the mean distruction of Europe, by so called new „Nationalists”, the French President Hollande visted Calais, the town, certainly not the Jungle.

Shortly after French lorry drivers and farmers, demonstrated on the highways against the illegal refugee camp at Pas-de-Calais.
Countless citizens joined them, later the Interior Minister of France, Bernard Cazeneuve, announced again, that he would (!) vacate the tent city in Dunes in the near future.

In our strange days this demonstration and the eviction threat has found a valid reason.
For some, somehow.

However, Cazeneuve acted over month untrustworthy, he wanted to eliminate the problem long time ago and transfer the refugees in decent accommodation. This promise was achieved neither by him nor by the French riot police in martial power distributed with bulldozers and trucks earlier this year to „relocate” the refugees mostly from the former British colonies-plenty of people from countries Britain left behind, when the administration left, Africa, Asia.

The implementation of public policy went along with protests, because no one else wanted a wild refugee camp in the French province, which promised each Department, where the refugees could have settled, an absolutely dismal future. The propaganda of the “Nationalists” worked the way through to the brains of the “Europeans”.

Who made his way over months, sometimes years to Calais, to Europe, wanted also proceed to the shores of England, so the often given “easy” solution of many of the residents, if asked, in the tent city.

Certainly, there was no easy solution, and can’t be an easy solution, since Britain decided to divorce from the so unloved Europe in Brussels.

Before there were a lot of other pretextes to be made in the graceless game of politics.

Most refugees came from Africa and want to live in England, because of the families, who had been through this procedure years earlier. Mainly, the refugees fled the dictatorships on the African continent, or simply because they hoped and dream to find work and shelter, which appeared completely unrealistic in the home countries of the refugees.
Lately came news from Dafur about the use of chemical weapons, since never ending story of politics and talking about the shame for human society in Syrias Aleppo, it is no news, if Lost or Tabun, etc. is in use again.
Solving a problem in the 21. Century.

Now the tables are turned. Truck drivers, who want to proceed into the nearby port to go to Britain by ferry, increasingly become the victims of brutal gangs that are recruited from the camp.
Every night countless homeless camp-desperados are trying to come to Britain, indirectly, via the back of a semi-trailer. Again and again, the homeless try. In most cases the intention fails. Others wrote from Brighton, Clacton-On-Sea or from London postcards, that they had arrived safely. Some Moldavian citizens are very helpful in the human trafficking business, since boats are leaving France, heading for Britain, like from Izmir or other towns around the Greek shores. The wall is as stupid as it was in Berlin, because the tugs find their ways again.

Where is the police here to get rid of the tugs?

But the feeds of happy endings in London or somewhere else in the UK, fed the hope to the promised Brexit land.

It is well known: Tugs are earning with fate of the refugees in the camp a fortune.

Whether the escapees are vanishing now through the channel, or not, the problem can not be solved by a divorce from Europe.
It will turn into a unmitigated disaster.

The trucks are pelted with stones, because of dissatisfaction with the authorities in France.

They can not do anything, because they are overwhelmed by the amount of people, an everyday growing crowd of refugees.

Entire squads of Africans get together and put flaming logs, barrels, on the streets, to find moment to jump on the coveted carrier, when the obstacles need to be cleared from the road.

Since the crowd in the camp is ruled by absolute hopelessness and violence, lawlessness and hostility grows between the ethical groups, the only purpose of life is yet to go further. To the U.K.
Some refugees are more than two years there or repeatedly. One can not believe it.

The camp swells every day more and more. There are now almost 10,000 people, who have found shelter in damp and moldy tents. The conditions are intolerable and worsen every day. The refugees and the residents of Calais are now also on the war path and all the inhabitants of the Jungle state:
It’s only a matter of days, perhaps weeks, that the starting point for an escape to the restricted area and the Jungle, an inglorious chapter of French history, will be closed.
A solution for the problems will not be found until then, because it was never intended.
Brexit and Calais will be symtoms of a mad time in human history.

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