An icon of the women’s movement- Michelle Obama

Written by TheKasaanTimes

Michelle Obama stepped out of the shadow of her husband.
Finally. It was about time for her.

Donald Trump received his personal payday from Michelle Obama, which he had deserved along time ago, without Obama even mentioning his name.
This speech of Michelle Obama was art.

Obama came to the women in New Hampshire and she appeared far beyond the limits of the vicious election campaign in the US. Not a sad election season, a bad candidate on the side of the total torn Republican Party.
In this very moment, she recommended herself as a leader in the new administration of Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Trump was finally disqualified.

It took long enough. And yes, enough is enough. He showed no respect for women, refugees, even not for the American people. Just for himself and his mean deeds.

Trump is the true loser of the elections in the US, long before the election day will come close.
His visions did not reach further than locker room banter of an old man with an ugly attitudes.
For him, the presidency was another business he has just lost.
Michelle Obama recommended herself in an epic speech on the justice she represents.

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