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Words don’t come easy

If there is no freedom for journalists and citizens under Erdogan, we all must show resistance.

Everybody can be a little Oskar Schindler. Even we here. You there.

If there is no hope that the freedom of the press will be restored again, understood as what it really is:

We all must open a door for freedom.

To insult dictators is of no use. They know, we don’t like them.

We will open our door to anyone who must fear jail, arrest for free speech or writing.

Everything else would be absurd, and a cowardly gesture with which one cannot fight a dictatorship established by the regime under Erdogan. It is not meant against the wonderful Turkish population or their faith whatsoever.

We trust in God and in freedom. What one believes is not the point, what one does is more important to us.

No matter whether the attempted coup was committed by the Gülen followers or not. I cannot judge it, but the time after made me suspicious.

Evidence for the coup attempt of the Gülen movement remained abstract and in the dark.

On this blog I pay respect to freedom and democracy and a respect for my belief to give everyone the “asylum” she / he needs against dictators.

Any Turkish colleague, who does not wish to be named, can publish here.

We check the article for plausibility and truthfulness. No one must fear that someone will persecute him or her.

Every little mess of the regime is to be revealed. No democratic apparatus goes for mass arrests, arrests the press, and closes all the newspapers which are not on Erdogans line.

The former Reichspropagandaminister Dr. Joseph Goebbels called it Gleichschaltung.
We fight against political behavior like this.

You are welcome in dark times

A democratic Turkey would not need to arrest human rights activists from abroad or journalists.

Set up what you want to write, in English, to the following mailbox info@kasaan-media-publishers.eu

In respect of the colleagues, imprisoned in the Sultanate of Erdogan.

We demand their freedom.

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