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Aleppo-the new Genozide

Written by TheKasaanTimes

Aleppo is a synonymous like Verdun in the last century.

I will not and can not be silent. It is enough! I am angry.

I will paint the fish, the primordial sign of the Christian communities, at every door in the www.

What kind of Christian woman would I be, if I only would go to church to pray? Muslims also believe, Alevites too.
For a long time, I am not dividing people into religions. It does not matter, what one believes or not.

I am protesting with this song against the industrial killing of people, regardless of their origin, religion, belief, age or gender. No matter, fact is:
For a few meters more, people will be constantly killed, with a shameful and unspeakable joy in killing and profit of some.

How, according to the experience of mankind, can this old sin be re-inflicted with war, “>bombs, with “>gas, because of greed and power?
Who actually represents the people, the world population? Unscrupulous tacticians, who are concerned about their personal advantage?
What kind of civilization is that, a silent majority?
It does not matter whether Muslims, Christians, Alevites, Kurds, Communists, Assad supporters, rebels or anyone else is bombed away, the bombing and the terror itself matters.
The species so called “Homo politicus” is just talking, celebrating their hate, they are true filigrees, when it comes to the killing of children, women and old people.

All those, who take part in this new disaster, the politicians, who just talk and do not care about the suffering of people, when it comes to throwing barrel bombs and gas, should be punished.

It’s just about power and money, no more, but not less.

This song is about to resonate in their ears.

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