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Most mysterious disappearance and suicide

Drage Elbe

Incredible rumors are circulating in the Elbmarsch, in the collective municipality Drage, about the mysterious disappearance of the mother and daughter Schulze.

The Elbmarsch ist normally just known for Leukemia.After 30 years of research, the authorities are still uncertain whether the leukemia was triggered by the nuclear power plant on the Elbe opposite or by a former World War II ammunition factory that carelessly handled chemicals.

Often old people report of digged chemical warfare agents from the World War II.

But the Schulze case represents one of the most mysterious crimes of German post-war history.

But this strange case is in Drage not solely.

Nourished are rumors about the murder case Ulrike Burmester (German) from the year 1971, which ran almost similarly and had similar backgrounds, like that of the Schulzes.

It sounds unbelievable, but the girl also disappeared when she went to tutoring lessons by bicycle near Adendorf, a few kilometers away from Drage. She was also burdened with a road-building stone that served as a shield attachment. Ulrike B. was 14 years old when she was washed ashore after days in the Elbe, at Drage. The stone, the investigators found out at that time, had been taken from a sign on the Geesthacht Bridge.

The case was never cleared up.

In the small town, near Luenenburg, in the outskirts of Hamburg, everything revolves around the disappearance of a family, the Schulzes, for nearly two years. Which, to which one did not find access. Like strollers on the Elbe, rather behind closed hands, tell.
Luenenburg will always forget to mention a dark chapter in history, the suicide of Heinrich Himmler.

Himmler Dead

Heinrich Himmler (1900 – 1945): The body of Heinrich Himmler lying on the floor of British 2nd Army HQ after his suicide on 23 May 1945.Now another suicide
(public domain, by HMG, Imperial War Museum)

Nobody knows, why Himmler came close to Luenenburg after the war.

Maybe it was coincidence, maybe it was Himmler’s “safe house”. Years later, after the Nazi terrorist attack in Munich, tons of weapons were found in possession of a forester who, incredible as it sounds, also took his life in police custody. Heinz Lembke was member of Gladio, a right wing paramilitary group.

Another suicide, most likely extended

Many people do not want to believe in the extended suicide of the family Schulze, the police gave priority.

Where did the Schulze women vanish to?

Not even this fact is clear.

Police File 2015

Police File

Marco Schulze, father and spouse has committed suicide, so much is determined by the investigation of the police, after finding the cadaver at a lock near Lauenburg. 20 km s away.

Dead father found kasaan media, 2016

Dead father found
kasaan media, 2016

Even more than two years later, there is no sign of life from the mother and daughter who were last seen by a witness at a lake, where a track dog also found weather.

Rumors are not good and do no one any favor. But in Drage there are a lot of rumors.

Everyone could be next, some say. The perpetrator had gone with the Sandero, not the father, they mean to say. A farmer from the neighboring village would have seen the culprit, now it was up to investigators who would understand their subject.

But who should be the culprit?
The big unknown.
Everyone knows the police commissioners who came here.

But nobody knows anything specific, it seems like in a mystery novel by Theodor FontaneUnder The Pear Tree!“, 1885

A connection to the case 9 years ago when a young man was last seen in St. Pauli is also included. He came from the Elbmarsch and disappeared without a trace. And never popped up again.

The house of the Schulzes was posthumously transfigured into a haunted house, and even months later developed into a tourist magnet, where it is usually traded with ham and asparagus from the farms around.

There is already talk of a serial killer who bypasses since years.

At the campsite, a few miles away, one suddenly want to have known the father very well. From a ratio in the caravan they talk, again, nobody knows anything specific. Just rumors need to be filtered.
No one who thinks clearly envies the police here.
From the Russian Mafia, with whom Schulze’s father was supposed to have done business before his equally mysterious demise. Cigarette dealers from Berlin, arms dealers from Ukraine, traffickers, sunk in the nearby river.

Then allegedly the women were re-dissolved in battery acid because father Schulze is said to have worked in a chemical plant. Or, mother and daughter got out, along with lovers in Hawaii- the murderer, who is said to have murdered a supermarket manager years ago, has also killed this family, says another.
Which supermarket manager remains open. The imagination of the inhabitants of the Elbsamtgemeinde seems to know no boundaries. Countless “recreational profilers”, all of whom approach from near and far, to solve one of the most enigmatic German crime after the war, or rather not at all.

Only a, mother and daughter Schulze remain missing, their fate unexplained.

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