Death Penalty

Scott Dozier- No fear of torture on the stony road to death

Air hunger

Where others fear death, Scott Dozier does not. He was asking for his execution.

His execution order was issued on request. Even the Nevada Department of Corrections asked for a motion earlier this week.

Dozier stated in the Court of the 8. Circuit earlier in August 2017: “If they tell me, Listen there’s a good chance it’s going to be a real miserable experience for you, for those few hours before you actually expire,’ I’m still gonna do it.”

By all means, it would be cruel and unsual punishment, which is barred by the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Dozier will have to fear air hunger, when he is strapped down on the guerney to receive the lethal injection he desires.

A cocktail of three drugs was established. The cocktail is containing Diazepam, Fentanyl, and Cisatracurium, which acts as an paralytic and could mask pain and air hunger, like in the botched execution of Joseph Wood earlier in this decade.

The State of Nevada is trying human experiments. The poison for the execution was never used before.
Now, Judge Jennifer Togliatti called off the execution show without dignity, after the change of protocoll and the resignment of the chief medical staff in the Nevada execution circus.

The judge fears Dozier could survive the experiment and could stay afterwards in a vegetative state.

Ely State Prison- Nevada

Dozier is housed in Ely State Prison since his conviction for double murder in 2007.

Basicly, he knows there will be no way out of his current life, except the execution. Life seems to be so difficult for him that he waived his legal rights of post conviction relief.

It is the system of death penalty in the US, meant to punish more than the capital punishment which is gruesam enough.

It’s the time about the upcoming story from Ely State Prison, Nevada. Ely State Prison maximum-security prison opened in mid 1989 and houses round 1,183 inmates.

But Ely has got new death chamber for a bill of nearly 1 million US $.

This is in days of of the death of the death penalty far to much for something which was not used in more than a decade.

Since the European manufacturers of drugs which are used for an execution banned their products for this purpose, the US States are batteling for some kind of cocktails to kill the convicted inmates.

This is a gruesam gamble. Everyone knows and the results are botched executions.

The execution spectacle seems more like a cruel operation of basest instincts. Besides, it is the thrill of death like in ancient Rome.

Time to kill the death penalty

The capital punishment is the most inhumane way of expressing law and civilisation. In putting someone to sleep and paralyse him or her afterwards is not issued with merits anyway, with just no dignity. The state puts itself on the same stage like most of the offenders.

With the death of someone no closure can be asured, because capital punishment is murder in a political system, which can not be called a democratic challenge.

It’s time kill the death penalty, even in a State Donald Trump is ruling.

Death house in Lucasville, Ohio:

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