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Trump Tower

Swanky establishment

When Donald John Trump was not yet a “President” of the United States, not even suspected of being involved in high treason, the smug tycoon of Trump’s corporations lived in his swanky establishment in New York’s best neighborhood, built with concrete of the Genovese (Anthony „Fat Tony“ Salerno), and Gambino (mafia) family.

When Trump did not allow game hunters to introduce elephant heads to the US, he led his business from the Trump Tower. Self-congratulation, splendor and utter loss of reality, which now also accompanies his presidency, were already the best advisers to him at that time.

The master of fake news

Trump was always a joke, not for the ordinary people in Atlantic City, leaving behind many orphaned casinos.

At that time no one thought of removing the atomic bomb codes from him. Today it is a problem.

Trump Tower, New York
kasaan media, 1986

Trump is a danger to America

Trump is a mad dog against any minority, he needs to proclaim the war against North Korea, Mexico or against the LGBT people and others. He is a permanent disgrace to politics and against his own country.

Trump seems more and more incoherent, isolated and prey to his own hunt.

He acted the tycoon in Trump Tower like someone from Hollywood.

Like Trump is acting now the President of the United States.

He should demand an Oscar for the worst presentation ever.

Most of Trumps recent decisions are garbled.

Now Trump is not anymore the King of the Trump Tower, but of the White House and this is the real danger.

One day, after Trump is history, another name and shape should be found for the building, not to remember the worst time of US politics.

Happy with Breitbart radical Steve Bannon, Trump, who is fast enough to answer any tweet while day and night, could not open his mouth to the worship of his person by KKK.

Trump Tower, New York
kasaan media, 1986

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