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E- Hijackers

E- Hijackers

This time as an administrator of your provider

Again a very stupid group of offenders, who are trying the impossible, to make money.
In very bad English they try to built up pressure, that your mail account will be closed.

Don’t you believe it, it bad spam. Only thing what will happen, you will be hijacked until you pay a ransom.
Don’t klick.

The mail is coming from

Don’t click, just for the bin and warn others of the mails:

Dear info,
Before On 9th December 2017 Your Mailbox will be Shutdown and Terminated completely,due to your Failure to Update and Verification your Mailbox, after voileting our mail terms and conditions for sending spam mails from your account
We strongly advise that If you like to continue using your Mailbox, for the last time, Update & Verify your account now. using the link below.

Click Here To Resolve Account! (A link)

NB; After this mail, and your account still have not been verified, it will be closed in the next 48hours
Best Regards

Be aware, your computer will be frozen, if go on the link.

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